The Commission on Biblical Higher Education (CBHE) exists to ensure  that education provided by Christian institutions of Biblical higher education meets acceptable levels of quality.

CBHE sets accreditation standards, monitors compliance, and encourages schools it accredits to continue to improve upon the quality of their programs.

Accreditation is founded upon three key principles: voluntary participation, self-study, and peer review.

Kells’ book, Self-Study Processes, is one of the most comprehensive and respected works on this subject. Kells suggests that an accredited institution is one that:

  • Has a clear and distinctive purpose widely understood and embraced throughout the institution;
  • Has ascertainable goals deriving from the purpose;
  • Has resources (students, faculty, learning resources, facilities, technology, finances) adequate to assure that goals may continue to be achieved;
  • Employs processes which ensure integrity and efficiency;
  • Engages in continuous assessment, planning, and intentional resource allocation toward improvement;
  • Substantially meets accrediting standards